UCR 347-1 X Exquisito


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Each order of seeds contains 10 seeds.

The male parent is UCR 347-1, which is a green persistent caprifig.

The female parent is Exquisito, a seedling tree from California. Exquisito is a delicious fig and does not require the fig wasp to ripen fruit. This fig eventually darkens as it ripens, but at first appears green as it starts to swell. The eventual darkness also seems to be dependent on conditions, ranging from nearly black, to mottled purple/green.

Pictures are of the parent varieties.

All fig seedlings are unique and may or may not inherit the traits of their parents. These controlled crosses give you the best chance of producing high quality new varieties, but do not guarantee it. See our article on growing fig seeds for more information.  To learn more about the controlled cross process see our article on hand pollination.