We are a small
family fig farm.

BNR Figs Ripening2

We have been growing figs for a few years and have expanded to sell fig cuttings and plants. We have over 800 varieties of figs, from new cuttings to established trees. We grow figs at our home in NJ. Growing figs and other fruits is a hobby and a small business.

We strive to provide the highest quality plants and cuttings and friendly customer service. Thank you for your interest in our site.


Christian Pedersen and Family

Moorestown NJ, 08057

Email: tinkerbug@tinkerbugfigs.com

Ourfigs.com: cepeders

Feel free to reach out to us using the email above or our contact page below

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We are certified by the state of NJ both as a nursery and as part of the Japanese Beetle harmonization program, which allows us to ship plants to the lower 48. Our certificates are below.